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Fire protection

You can also apply to us for the design and installation of automatic extinguisher systems with water and/or foam. We have extensive experience in such sectors as the chemical and petrochemical industries, but also in production halls, industrial buildings, offices, warehouses, distribution centers, public buildings, etc.

Satisfied customers in every sector thanks to:

  • BOSEC certified Benvitec Piping NV;
  • in-house engineering and design;
  • sustainable custom solutions;
  • consultation with the proper authorities;
  • compliance with imposed standards;
  • prefab construction in our own workshops;
  • our well-trained installation team;
  • service contract available;
  • intervention team 24/7.

Delivery program:

Sprinkler installations

  • Wet and dry systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Detection systems
  • Extinguisher water tanks
  • Pump rooms
  • Control stations

Foam extinguisher installations

  • Sprayers and sprinklers
  • Canon and generators
  • Fresh air and inside air
  • Heavy, medium and light foam​

Reels and hydrants

  • Reels and hydrants
  • Ring pipes
  • Above ground and underground hydrants
  • Wall hydrants and connectors
  • Internal and external hydrants

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