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hvAC (cooling and dehumidification)

Air conditioning literally means “treating” air. An air conditioning system heats, cools, humidifies, and purifies the air. Usually it is used for cooling. The operation of an air conditioning installation is relatively simple; the heat absorbed passes through a cooling coil and returns the air. This climate control provides a comfortable indoor temperature all year round.

We offer the following options:

  • Split system: consists of two parts connected to one another, one inside and one outside. Little noise. Especially suitable for cooling a specific area.
  • VRV system: several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Suitable for multiple areas.
  • Heat recovery: cooling and heating with a single system. Sophisticated heat recovery.
  • Air conditioner on air heating: the efficient air heating system can be easily expanded with air conditioning. This is done by installing an additional cooling system to maintain the temperature and humidity.
  • Rooftop: If there is no room inside for the installation, you can use a rooftop air-conditioning system.

A higher relative humidity (RH) causes problems with indoor swimming pools, in libraries, museums, with vintage cars, paper storage, wood storage and storing chocolate, in pharmacies, in the home environment as well as with all kinds of drying and preservation processes such as: wood drying, drying and preserving hams in the meat industry and many other applications.

Initially, the high moisture content is not always visible, but when the air or a surface falls below the dew point, dew droplets form on these surfaces that can result in mold, discoloration and flaking paint. These problems can be avoided by positioning a good air dryer.

The following models are available:

  • standalone models for a private solution
  • behind the wall units for a simple solution
  • connection to an air duct circuit for discrete, silent operation.
  • connection to an air duct circuit for discrete, silent operation. With an enthalpy controlled air mixing section and heat recovery
  • with heating model
  • with heat recovery, tube heat exchanger or heat wheel


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