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Postforming HPL sandwich panels

For interior designers, postforming solid HPL panels is sometimes still new, but hot news is that Benvitec Plastics also postforms HPL sandwich panels. Compared with the traditional full-wall HPL panels, these “construct light panels” with an HPL top layer are many times lighter and therefore easier to transport and handle.

Through the combination of low weight, strength and rigidity, they are ideal for the interiors of mobile applications such as train and metro cars, buses, mobile homes, boats, ships, etc. However, our postformed panels also find their way into the machine construction and medical industries, and are used in numerous hygienic and sanitary applications. According at Benvitec, the company’s technology extends the capabilities and usability of HPL sandwich panels even further.

Partly due to their high mechanical load-bearing capacity, there are now variants suitable for shower and changing rooms for example in closed reception centers and penitentiary facilities. Additional reinforcements can be provided for securing HPL, aluminium and threaded inserts to secure accessories such as mirrors, wardrobes, handles, etc. . Also, our edge finishing prevents the ingress of water.  This innovation supplements our, already considerable, services package for interior builders.



* Merksplas closed center: in Merksplas, one of the buildings of the detention center for illegal immigrants has re-opened after an extensive renovation. Benvitec Plastics has equipped the shower rooms with reinforced aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels (for wall cladding and doors). See video.

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