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BluᵉFil® demisters

BluᵉFil® demisters

Benvitec Environment mission is ‘to guarantee a long term solution for your mist elimination’.Benvitec Environment distributes worldwide BlueFil® demisters, a reliable and surprisingly simple technology to remove particulates from a gas flow, in  liquid separation processes and air pollution control. Our dedicated Benvitec Environment team is eager to help you with the necessary technical and commercial follow-up in composing the right demister for your application. We offer a reliable, maintainable and sustainable solutions at a cost conscious way.

Bluefil® pad composition

BlueFil® demisters consists out of one or more ‘precisely  structured ‘media.  The use of one or more layers and the right choice of filament diameters in these layers allow to achieve the highest efficiency at the lowest pressure drop (Dp) for your specific situation. BlueFil® demisters are characterized by a large contact surface area and a unbeatable void space until 97,3%!

BlueFil® products

BlueFil® MX Media are available in PP, EFTE and PFA materials, which in addition to their specific chemical resistance permits a stability in continuous service of:
PP 99°/210°F, ETFE(*) 149°C/300°F and PFA 204°C/400°F.
(*)ETFE is also available in EHS (Extra Heat Stabilized) 170°C / 338°F

BlueFil® solutions

BlueFil®  Demisters offer a highly 99% efficient solution in the range of :
>10µ with MX99-10, >5µ droplets with MX99-5,  >3µ droplets with MX99-3, >2µ droplets with MX99-2

MX 99-1 Solution and submicron solutions can be reached in one or multiple stage and needs to be worked out/developed case per case. Solutions are possible in following general applications :

  • Water / Chemical mist

  • Oil / Emulsion Mist,

  • Aerosols

  • Packing

  • Liquid

BlueFil® References

References with BlueFil® solutions can be presented in :

  • Fertilizer production

  • Sulfuric acid production

  • Chlor-Alkali production

  • Surface coating (Cr6+)

  • Chemistry and petro chemistry

  • Oil water separation

  • Semiconductor manufacturers

  • Automotive plants


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